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Best books & resources to learn Vue.js

Javascript is the new big key player in web application development sector. Every where you see, you will find javascript frameworks. I remember the old days when you had only one widely used javascript library, The Great Jquery. After that next big super star was AngularJS framework, developed by Google. And then, flood of javascript frameworks, knockout.js, emberJS, ReactJS  so on … O Boy! This is very good that there are lots of options for a developer to work with when it comes to javascript, but don’t you think that these huge number of javascript frameworks are creating confusions for many developers. Most of them are confused, what to pick, what to leave, which is better and which is worse( hah!).

Now days I am listening lot of things about Vue.JS. It’s, again, a new javascript framework. Although it’s not a new framework, it was first released in year 2013, and it seems like it is replacing Angular and React now days.

best vue.js book resources

Here are some suggestions on books and resources for learning Vue.JS.

Online Resources

I personally think that first step should be learning from online tutorial sites. This way you get the basic idea of stuff you are learning and this also shows you different styles of doing the same thing. You can search on YouTube for free tutorials. Here are links for some free tutorials:


There are many good books available in the market. You can buy them and learn this framework by reading and following the examples from these books. Here are some suggestion:

Learning Vue.js 2

This book is published by Packt publication and written by Olga Filipova. This book explains various features of vue.js. Reader will learn to build a fully functioning web application in Vue.Js.

Learning Vue.js 2


Vue.js is the one of the most demand technology in the market. Also it is expanding it’s user base rapidly. Here i provided some books or online resources which i found helpful. I’ll update this list time to time so be tuned in. If you have any book or resource suggestion which you found very helpful then let me know.

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