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How to be a .Net full stack developer

Gone are the days when a software developer needs only to know one specific language. As web is growing at a very fast pace, companies are hunting for developers who know most of the related thing in the development stack.

Being a full stack developer means that developer should be comfortable to work with front and back end technologies, like databases, HTML, CSS, javascript, server side languages etc. Now it is not required to be master in each of these areas, but it is required to have good knowledge.

Let’s see what a full stack .Net developer is in year 2017.

.Net stack offers desktop, web, mobile and cloud solutions. Also .net stack supports many programming languages like C#, Visual Basic, C++. So .Net stack is quite broader development stack. But there is no need to get scared. Full stack term is mostly used in web related technologies, which covers web, mobile and cloud. So targeting ASP.NET is very essential for a .net full stack developer. Following is the areas which developer need to know.

Back-end Technology

Database: SQL server is the primary database used with Asp.Net stack, although it supports other databases like Oracle and MySql. Now SQL Server is also available for Linux systems, so you can assume that in future SQL server will expand in enterprise solutions.

Programming Language: .Net offers many languages but C# is more than enough. This language was designed specifically for .Net framework. Now with .Net Core C# is used to create solutions for multiple platforms like Mac and Linux.

Web Servers: IIS is the only server which supports Asp.Net. So knowing IIS is good benifit. core uses Kestrel but this also needs any mature web server to run on. Apache or Nginix can be used with Kestrel. So knowing basics of Apache and Nginx will be plus.

Front-end Technology

Front end technologies like HTML and CSS is essential. Basic HTML layout and styling with CSS style sheets is required. Creating responsive websites are like first rule now days as mobile and tablets are getting more popular.

Javascript is very popular and is an important of any web based solution. Jquery had ruled the front end from quite long time. Now framework like AngularJS, React , ember, knockout etc are getting huge popularity among developer communities.


Full stack developers are in demand. If you are going to become full stack developer then you must be welcoming every new technology. Having good knowledge to all related technologies is necessary, not master but good knowledge.


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