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Reload Windows Environment Variables Without PC Restart

Windows Environment variables are used to set configuration for various programs, and very essential for software developers who are targeting software for Windows OS or also for those programmers who use Windows as there developer machine as many developer tools and IDEs uses windows environment variables for user wise or system wise configurations.

Often when you make changes in environment variables then to reflect these changes we need to restart the system. But it becomes problem when there are multiple things running or you are in middle of some R&D and you don;t want to repeat all those work. All you want at that time that somehow you can escape from system restart problem. Well, there is an easy way.

This is accomplished by restarting the explorer.exe process. You can either use the Task manager to do that, or you can use a handy command. Command for that is:

taskkill /f /im explorer.exe && explorer.exe

Above command will kill the current explorer.exe process and start it again. This will automatically reload all system and user environment variables.

If you face any issue, Please let me know in comments.

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