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Daily Use Git Commands For Developers

In this article i will list all Git commands used by developers on daily work life. Git is a powerful source management system, and very popular. I used TFS for couple of years, but when i got chance to use Git, i found that i was missing really a robust, very easy and powerful source management practice.

So I have listed here all git commands:

Initialize Git Repository

To initialize a new Git repository, use this command:

git init

This will create a .git folder in the current folder. On windows it’s a hidden folder.


The best practice is to create a new branch for each feature or bug fix. To create a new branch, use below command:

git branch <branchname>

This will create a new branch.

Create a new branch from specific commit:

git branch <branchname> <commit_id>

Create a new branch from a tag

git branch <branchname> <tag>

This will create a new branch from a tag.

To push a branch to remote:

git branch -u origin <branchname>

This will push the branch to remote repository.


After you created a new branch, you need to switch or enter into that branch. For that git offers checkout command:

git checkout <branchname>

After that you can see git will indicate the new branch as the current branch.

Branch and Checkout in one command

Above i showed two separate commands to create branch and then checkout to that branch. We can do that thing in one single command:

git checkout -b <branchname>

Easy one liner.

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